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HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has been leading the aftermarket of pump industry based on the accumulated experiences and expertise.
  • AM division of HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS which is composed of pump engineers with the excellent technology gives a great help to reduce operating costs and increase the life span of the products and plants by providing accurate equipment diagnoses and solutions.
  • HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS is able to respond quickly to meet the customer’s requirements through the establishment of efficient SCM (Supply Chain Management) System.
  • HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS offers the customized services to our customers around the world with its global service networks.
Business Areas
Spare Parts

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS provides spare parts that customers need through the efficient SCM (Supply Chain Management) system quickly and accurately. The components optimized for the products and plants are selected and supplied to the customers based on the accumulated experiences and technology.

Spare Parts 이미지Spare Parts 이미지
Field Services

Pump engineers with the excellent technology and expertise provide the field services on site. HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS provides the best solutions to customers through the maintenance and improvement of pumps, including installation and commissioning supervision.

Field Services 이미지Field Services 이미지
Diagnosis & Upgrade

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS precisely diagnoses pumps based on the accumulated know-how and technology of experienced pump engineers and makes the maintenance operations such as repair, replacement of parts depending on the diagnostic results. The diagnosis service consists in a variety of test items, such as flow, pressure, power consumption, noise and etc. and HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS gives a great help to reduce operating costs by extending the life span of products and plants by analyzing the diagnosis results.

Diagnosis & Upgrade 이미지Diagnosis & Upgrade 이미지
Repair & Renewal

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS offers pumps improved efficiency and performance through the decomposition, inspection and repair of aging products. After thoroughly analyzing all components according to customer specifications, it is possible to enhance the energy efficiency of products and plant equipment by repairing and replacing the necessary parts.

Repair & Renewal 이미지Repair & Renewal 이미지
Domestic A/M Service
TEL : 82-2-3279-8292
E-MAIL : sungjin@hyosung.com
Global A/M Service
TEL : 82-2-3279-8255
E-MAIL : henry.park@hyosung.com
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