Sea Water

As a specialist in seawater desalination, Hyosung has been leading desalination engineering technology through Reverse Osmosis Technology.

Sea water contains a variety of floating matter, which mainly includes ions, and the characteristics of sea water are different from that of water in different regions. For this reason, various pre-treatment and high pressure·ERD (Energy Recovery Device) Membrane Separation Technologies that are tailored to desalinate the raw water are urgently required.

Hyosung designs the optimized system by identifying the needs of its customers.

The system optimization technology is the important factor that determines the power and O&M cost. Hyosung is able to filter almost 100% of the ions in sea water, and can produce a variety of types of valuable water with low operation costs. Hyosung delivers customer value through its seawater desalination process by using a combination of pump and UMP technology with its 16’’ large Reverse Osmosis membrane engineering technology, which it has developed over its 40 years.

  • Major technologies
  • 16’’ RO engineering technology
  • Energy harvesting technology
  • Membrane filtration pre-treatment (MF/UF) design technology
  • SWRO HP Pump Control technology

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