Potable Water

Water resources are becoming scarce due to environmental pollution.

Population growth coupled with industrialization and urbanization has resulted in a highly increased demand for water, which is in turn is making water stress increase. HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has been engaged in R&D activities to secure valuable water.

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS desalination technology is an optimal solution to relieve the lack of water resources.

At HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS, we produce clean water throughout the year in compliance with WHO regulations, by filtering nearly 100% of ions from sea water through the desalination process. We are able to sustain customer satisfaction by offering customized and convenient operation & monitoring systems and a global network O&M chain.

Desalinated fresh water from sea water that was produced through HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS technology is being supplied to residents of Mooui island and Woo Island.
  • Benefits
  • Fresh drinking water that can meet any standards or regulations,
    including WHO
  • High rejection rate of boron
  • Convenient monitoring & control system
  • Low operation cost
  • System
  • Reverse osmosis membrane system with HPP and ERD
  • Advanced chemical feed control system
  • Micro filter/ Ultra filter system
  • Disinfection system
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