HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS relieves stress of water shortages in local self-governing systems and 
small and medium-sized cities.

In countries around the world, local governments and small cities are coping with increased demand for water, the reduction of water resources due to population growth, and a variety potable water-related problems due to obsolete facilities. At HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS, we are proud of our optimized desalination technology, project management technology, O&M and financing capability, and are working with small and medium-sized cities and local self-governing systems to help them to resolve their water problems.

Each project provides a total water solution service, ranging from the EPC service, such as consulting, design, purchase, construction, etc. for Turn-key, DB (Design-Build), DBO (Design-Build-Own), DBOO (Design-Build-Own-Operate), BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) to O&M and training programs to ensure smooth operation of plants

  • Services available
  • Potable water and life water supply in compliance with the regulations of WHO and many counties
  • Automatic monitoring & operation system
  • Assurance of water quality and facilities
  • Global O&M Network
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  • Containerized RO
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