Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

What is High Efficiency Energy Equipment?

High Efficiency Energy Equipment is equipment that meets all criteria related to energy consumption efficiency, and that has passed the quality test performed by a designated testing agency such as the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, and been certified as the High Efficiency Energy Equipment by the Korea Energy Management Corporation.

Energy Efficiency Certification Mark

What is the Certification System?

The Certification System is an efficiency assurance system to certify that equipment meets specified criteria in order to actively distribute high-efficiency energy equipment, such as high-efficiency induction motors. The system has its legal basis in Article 13 of the Energy
Usage Rationalization Act, which was enforced in December 1996.

EVM Pump

If you click on any of the model names, you can see the Certification in PDF format.

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EVM 펌프 list
EVM 03 Line EVM3 4F6  |  EVM3 6F6
EVM 05 Line EVM5 2F6  |  EVM5 3F6  |  EVM5 4F6  |  EVM5 5F6  |
EVM5 6F6  |  EVM5 8F6  |  EVM5 10F6
EVM 10 Line EVM10 2F6  |  EVM10 3F6  |  EVM10 4F6  |  EVM10 5F6  |
EVM10 8F6  |  EVM10 10F6  |  EVM10 11F6  |  EVM10 14F6
EVM 18 Line EVM18 3F6  |  EVM18 4F6  |  EVM18 5F6  |  EVM18 6F6  |
EVM18 7F6  |  EVM18 8F6  |  EVM18 10F6  |  EVM18 11F6
EVM 32 Line EVM32 3-0F6  |  EVM32 5-0F6  |  EVM32 5-1F6  |  EVM32 5-3F6  |
EVM32 9-0F6
EVM 45 Line EVM45 1-0F6  |  EVM45 2-0F6  |  EVM45 2-1F6  |  EVM45 3-1F6  |
EVM45 3-2F6  |  EVM45 5-0F6  |  EVM45 6-1F6
EVM 64 Line EVM64 2-0F6

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