TR CU Certification
TR CU Certification
TR CU (EAC) chart
Description of Certifications TR CU is the abbreviation term of "Technical Regulation of Customs Union". With the foundation of "EACU, Eurasian Customs Union" in 2010, signed by Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and with the establishment of "EEU, Eurasian Economic Union" in 2015, unified conformity assessment procedure was introduced to its serving member states. Currently, with its 5 member states, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia of EEU approved to adopt unified code of Technical Regulation and agreed to coordinate efforts to terminate national norms after its new regional certification procedure.
Certified Scope Centrifugal Pumps exported to Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
Where these Certifications are Required Customs of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
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