Ethical Management

Ethical Management

Through respect for a free market and the principles of fair competition,And through management activities to preserve the national laws, regulations and social ethics,

Hyosung will endeavor to become a trustworthy and esteemed global company by seeking shared prosperity with all stakeholders, while becoming a company that customers want to do business with, a company that investors want to invest in, and a company that people want to work for.

Compliance with laws and regulations

"Strictly observe all applicable laws, company rules and regulations."

  • 1. We will respect national policies and observe all laws, regulations and social ethics/norms.
  • 2. We will strictly comply with the company’s management policies, and be firmly committed to our responsibilities and duties.
  • 3. We will contribute to continuous job creation through solid profit creation and the observance of our basic responsibilities and duty as members of society.

Customer respect management

"Organizations must exist to provide value to their customers."

  • 1. We will make it our top priority to earn the trust of our customers.
  • 2. We will deliver the differentiated services and products that satisfy our customers.
  • 3. We will strive to establish a fair and transparent trading culture with our customers, and develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

Customer-focused management

"Shareholders are the owners of the company: their trust is vital."

  • 1. We will enhance the profits of our stakeholders and investors by achieving excellent business performance through value creation.
  • 2. We will be committed to rational and transparent management, so that our stakeholders and investors can have trust in us.
  • 3. We will respect the rights of stakeholders and investors, and provide them with the timely disclosure they need to ensure their realization of profit.

Respect for employees

"Development of a sound organization culture"

  • 1. Do not get involved in unethical behaviors such as gambling, bribery, borrowing, co-signed liability, etc.
  • 2. Do not behave in a verbally, physically or visually offensive manner, and respect individual privacy.
  • 3. Do not discriminate in favor of or against an individual or organization based on regional connections, blood relations, school connection, religion, or gender, and do not make a request that will have an unfair effect on another employee.
  • 4. Establish an active, leading and creative organizational culture with the aim of achieving corporate goals, and refrain from egoism or turf battles.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • 1. Respect the value of the local communities in which our business operations are performed, and are committed to continuous job creation and our basic responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
  • 2. Actively promote and participate in social contributions as a good corporation citizen.
  • 3. Be engaged in environmental protection, and actively participate in community environmental protection campaigns.
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