Company Overview

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has enjoyed steady growth thanks to our continuous innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Excellent technology

Established in 1962, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has provided centrifugal pumps used in petrochemical and refinery plants, thermal and nuclear power plants. With holding the top market share in domestic market, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS is expanding its market to the globe. As Korea’s largest producer of pumps, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has contributed to Korea’s industrial development and economic growth based on the outstanding technology and expertise we have accumulated through continuous research and development.

In addition, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has been recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for its technology in the area of nuclear power. In May of 1998, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS became the first Korean company to obtain a KEPIC (Korea Electric Power Industry Code) certification for a nuclear power safety rated (Rating 2) pump. Also, in July of 2009, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS became the first Korean pump company to receive "N" and "NPT" certifications from ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Class 2, 3.

Besides, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS manufactures all series of API type pumps which is basically used in Oil and Gas Plant in accordance with API standards. With its technology, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has remarkable business records in Middle-East, Asia, and North and South America.

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS designed, constructed and have operated the Korea’s first seawater desalination plant with the technology of 16 inch SWRO membrane specialized for thermal power plant. Through such accomplishments, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has been leading the advancement of desalination industry by providing total solution from design to operation using the best know-how in the field of seawater RO desalination.

Environmental Protection & Social Contributions

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS is currently engaged in the manufacture of full pump items for the electric generation facilities of Korea Electric Power Corporation, a variety of pumps for Korean Corporations such as Korea Gas Corporation and K-Water Corporation, as well as the production of pumps for petrochemical, general industrial and building purposes, while eliminating the need for domestic industries to import pumps by carrying out the continuous research and development of new technology. Our long history of experience and expertise has enabled HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS to transform into a world-class pump specialist.

In addition, based on accumulated technology and engineering abilities and substantial experiences in RO(Reverse Osmosis) desalination plant, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has designed and constructed desalination plant with 119,000m3/day for Daesan Petrochemical Industrial Complex in Korea as well as built up RO system with 171,400m3/day as the largest capacity in Asia for Hyundai Steel Mill, and so on. HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS developed the nation’s first CRO (Containerized RO) system, which supplies living water for both industrial plants and municipal field in overseas area such as South America, Middle East and Africa.

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS is working to become a global leader of the highest standard of pumps and sea water plants, while remaining committed to social contribution activities, including the development of ‘Containerized RO’ for Incheon Mooui Island residents who have been suffering from water shortages.


  • Current ~ 2010
  • 2009 ~ 2005
  • 2004 ~ 2000
  • 1999 ~ 1995
  • 1994 ~ 1989
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  • Jul. 2018The opening of HYOSUNG Jakarta branch office
  • Mar. 2018Conducted Demonstration of High Pressure Pump
  •  for Seawater Desalination (SRO)
  • May. 2017Test performance and Technical Seminar for HPRT & API High
  •  pressure pumps
  • Nov. 2015Technical Seminar and Improvement Completion
  •  Ceremony of Boiler Feed Water Pump for 1000MW thermal power
  •  generation plants
  • Jun. 2015The opening of HYOSUNG Abu Dhabi branch office
  • Apr. 2014Completion of the World’s Largest Pump Test Center and
  •  Opening Ceremony held in Hyosung Goodsprings
  •  Changwon Plant
  • Nov. 2013Received order for Bismayah New City Project to NIC,
  •  Republic of IRAQ
  • Oct. 2013Successful localization of the centrifugal charging pump
  •  for the first time in Korea
  •  Localization of Non-Seal Pump for Giheung K-1, 2 and
  •  received order for chilled water pump replacement
  •   construction of Samsung Electronics Hwasung campus
  • Sep. 2013Supplied BFP, COP for Taean thermal power plant Units
  •  9 & 10
  • Mar. 2013Supplied CWP for Shin-Boryeong Units 1 & 2, the largest
  •  coal-fired power plant in Korea
  • Feb. 2013Developed the can type diffuser for the first time in Korea
  • Feb. 2012Approved vendor for supplying pumps from SABIC,
  •  SWCC
  • Jan. 2012Approved vendor for supplying pumps from Marafiq, SEC
  • Nov. 2011Won the Minister’s award from Ministry of Knowledge
  •  Economy by developing Safety Injection Pump for
  •  nuclear power plant for the first time in Korea
  • Oct. 2011Approved vendor for supplying pumps from major power
  •  and petrochemical companies including SWCC, KNPC,
  •  KOC
  • Jun. 2011Plan to supply 104 sets of Q class and Non-Q class
  •  related pumps For "BRAKA/ UAE Nuclear power plant"
  • Apr. 2011Supplied API 610 pump 32 sets (BB1, OH2) to ARAMCO
  •  For "KAPSARC, Saudi Arabia"
  • Feb. 2011Defining Corporate Identity & Brand Identity
  •  – "Pumps & Water"
  • Jan. 2011Supplied API 610 pump 11 sets (BB2, BB3) to GASCO
  • Dec. 2010Supplied API 610 pump 32 sets (OH2) to Takreer For
  •  "Ruwais Refinery Expansion #2 , UAE"
  • Sep. 2010Hyosung / Ebara Joint Venture Terminated and Changed
  • Feb. 2010corporate Opened the Master of Pump Course at
  •  Pukyong National University
  •  Approved by Westinghouse for supply safety class pump
  •  in nuclear power plant
  • Sep. 2009New Growth Driver SMART Project launched
  •  by the Korea Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
  • Jul. 2009Completion ceremony held for the ‘Containerized Ro’
  •   project at Incheon Mooui Island / Obtained
  •   nuclear power-related ASME 'N', 'NPT' certifications
  • Jul. 2008CE Mark received for OH type (CFP, USP),
  •  BB type (KDR), HDR, CFPS
  • Apr. 2006Obtained high-efficiency machinery materials
  •  certifications enforced by the Korea Energy
  •  Management Corporation
  • Dec. 2004Delivered double suction pumps for Cheonggyecheon
  •  Restoration Project
  • Dec. 2003Obtained reliability certification for booster systems
  •  from the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
  • Nov. 2003Won a Korea Energy Efficient Product Excellence Award
  •  (presented by Korea Management Association)
  • Feb. 2001Established Partnerships for selling AURORA
  •  PUMP UL/FM Fire Pumps
  • Aug. 1999Supplied pumps for Yeongkwang Nuclear Power
  •  (1000MW,No. 5&6) CWP (Korea’s largest capacity)
  • Jun. 1999Received order for Q-CLASS 2 Pump HPSI/LPSI PUMP
  •  for Uljin Nuclear Power (1000MW, No. 5&6)
  • Mar. 1999Received order for Q-class CVCS for Uljin
  •  Nuclear Power (Units 5 &6)
  • Dec. 1998Received order for COP FWBP for Uljin Nuclear Power
  •  (1000MW, Units 5&6)
  • Oct. 1998Received order for Gas Stripper Pumps of Q-Class
  •  pumps for Uljin Nuclear Power (1000MW, Units 5&6)
  • Sep. 1998Received order for MCP & SUMP PUMP for
  •  China’s Qinshan Nuclear Power (Units 1 &2)
  •  through AECL /CANATOM NPM
  • Dec. 1997Developed In-line Pump (HLP) for buildings
  • Aug. 1997Obtained “Nuclear Reactor Facility Production License"
  •  (Pumps & Valves)
  • Sep. 1996Completed Korea’s largest test facility for
  •  testing BOILER FEED PUMP for 800MW Thermal Power
  •  Station and REACTOR FEED PUMP for 1350MW
  •  Nuclear Power Station
  • Jan. 1996Received order for CWP (Korea’s largest capacity)
  •  for Yeongkwang Nuclear Power (1000MW, Units 5&6).
  • Jan. 1995Hyosung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. acquired and
  •  merged the Pump Business Division.
  • Jun. 1994Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
  • Apr. 1994Developed submarine large pumps (500KW, 3300V)
  • Dec. 1993Developed the localization model of HES pump
  • Mar. 1992Received Industrial Service Medal from
  •  the President to celebrate Business Founder’s Day
  • Nov. 1991Received Quality Merit Medal from the Prime Minister
  • Dec. 1990Obtained Changwon Plant Quality Control 1st Rating
  • Jul. 1990Developed the localization of pump for oil refining
  • Apr. 1990Newly operated pump plant
  • Oct. 1989Established Hyosung EBARA Co., Ltd.
  • Sep. 1977Completed the Changwon Plant with
  •  Korea’s largest test facility
  • Oct. 1975Merged into Hyosung Group
  • May. 1962Established Hanyoung Industrial Corporation