HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has made a big contribution
to the growth and development of domestic and overseas industries through continued R&D.

A New Change Begins


The 3rd,
"Expansion and Future"
Aug. 2019

Signed a contract to provide RN2S and 4 other different types of pumps for Sohar-Dhahirah Water Transmission Project with PAW (Oman)

Jul. 2019

Provided API BB1 pumps for New Refinery Project to KOC (Kuwait)

Mar. 2019

Provided lean amine pump and others for the SKI S Project

Nov. 2018

Signed a contract to provide all 253 sets of pumps, including high-energy pumps, for the Crude Flexibility Project with ADNOC (UAE)

Mar. 2018

Seawater reverse osmosis (SRO) high-pressure pump demonstration performed

May. 2017

HPRT and API high-pressure pump demonstration performed; technology seminar held

Apr. 2016

Agreed to provide a total 261 sets of high-capacity API pumps for Clean Fuel Project with KNPC (Kuwait)

Mar. 2016

Provided 1,000MW BFP/CWP/CEP Total package for IPP Project to SAFI (Morocco)

Nov. 2015

Next-generation boiler feedwater pump (1,000MW) development & production presentation given

Oct. 2014

Provided BFP and COP to Korea Western Power TAEAN Units 9 and 10

Jul. 2014

Provided CFWP to Korea Midland Power Shinboryeong Units 1 and 2

Jun. 2014

Provided pumps to the BARAKAH Nuclear Power Plant (UAE)

Apr. 2014

World’s largest pump test center launched; completion ceremony held

Oct. 2013

Centrifugal charging pump developed locally for the first time in the Republic of Korea

Feb. 2013

Developed a boiler manufacturing diffuser for the first time in the Republic of Korea

Jun. 2012

Provided API 610 (BB2, BB3) for Shah Gas Development Project to GASCO (UAE)

Dec. 2011

Provided API 610 (OH2) for Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project to TAKREER (UAE)

Nov. 2011

Developed safety injection pumps for nuclear power plants for the first time in the Republic of Korea; awarded Prize of Minister of Knowledge Economy

Sep. 2011

Provided API 610 (OH2, BB1) for KAPSARC Project to SAUDI ARAMCO

Sep. 2010


Feb. 2010

Obtained a safety-class pump certification for nuclear power plants from Westinghouse (USA)

The 2nd,
"Growth and Challenge"
Jul. 2008

Earned CE MARK for OH Type (CFP, USP), BB Type (KDR), HDR, and CFPS

May 2007

Total of 40 API 610 pump sets provided for the Saudi/ Sahara project

Apr. 2006

Obtained a high-efficiency materials & equipment certification from Korea Energy Management Corporation

May 2005

Oman/ Sohar desalination pumps provided

Dec. 2004

High-efficiency, double-suction pumps provided for the CheongGyeCheon Restoration Project

Dec. 2003

Obtained KIMM Reliability Certification for booster system

Nov. 2002

Awarded Energy Efficiency Excellence Prize at Korea Energy Awards (Korea Management Association: KMA)

Mar. 2002

Provided CWP to the Uljin Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6 (1,000MW) (the nation’s largest production pump at that time)

Apr. 2001

Provided Q-class (safety class II) pumps (HPSI/LPSI) to the Uljin Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6 (1,000MW)

Mar. 2001

Provided COP and FWBP to the Uljin Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6 (1,000MW)

Feb. 2001

Developed safety class II SI pumps for the first time in the Republic of Korea and provided them to the Uljin Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6 (1,000MW)

Feb. 2001

Formed a strategic alliance to sell UL/FM fire pumps with AURORA PUMP

Jan. 2001

Provided Q-class pumps (CVCS) to the Uljin Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6 (1,000MW)

The 1st,
"The First Step"
Nov. 1999

Provided MCP & SUMP pumps to the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Units 1 and 2 (China)

Jul. 1999

Provided CWP (the nation’s largest domestic pump at that time) to the Yeonggwang Nuclear Power Plant Units 5 and 6 (1,000MW)

Dec. 1997

Developed building inline pumps (iLP)

Aug. 1997

Nuclear reactor production license obtained (Pump & Valve)

Jun. 1994

Obtained ISO 9001

Apr. 1994

Developed large submerged pumps (500kW, 3300V)

Dec. 1993

Developed Korean HES pump

Mar. 1992

Awarded Presidential Commendation on Commerce & Industry Day

Nov. 1991

Awarded QUALITY MASTER from the Prime Minister

Dec. 1990

Obtained Quality Control Class I (Changwon Plant)

Jul. 1990

Successfully localized oil refinery pumps

Dec. 1989

Developed Hydraulic Part Design Program

Aug. 1989

HYOSUNG EBARA CO., LTD. established

Sep. 1977

Completed the Changwon Plant

Oct. 1975


Oct. 1968

Developed single suction volute pumps

May 1962