HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has made a big contribution
to the growth and development of domestic and overseas industries through continued R&D.

A New Change Begins

Enhance and enrich
the quality of life for humanity,
Hyosung Way

The Hyosung Way is,
The Hyosung Way is the value structure
where all the Hyosung members around
the world empower each other to make
their dreams come true.
The Hyosung Way is,
By outting the Hyosung Way into practice,
Hyosung will become a global leader
that enhances the quality of life of each


Enhance and enrich the
quality of life for
humanity with its leading
technololgy and
management capability.

Hyosung exists so that the ‘best people’ can develop
the ‘leading technology’ and the ‘management
capability’ by offering products and services that
maximize value for customers, and thus enhance
the value of life for humanity.

Core Value

The Core Value & Principles


  1. Maximize the
    competitiveness with
    ceaseless self-
    improvement efforts to
    win in any situation
  2. Blaze new trails in
    markets around the
    world with a global


  1. Eliminate all
    inefficiencies that do
    not add value
  2. Challenge new
    possibilities with a
    positive mindset


  1. Act like owners and
    take charge in actions
  2. Never give up until
    achieving the goal


  1. Uphold transparency
    and fairness based on
    facts and principles
  2. Respect and cooperate
    with each other to make
    a great workplace