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HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS operates the Pump Academy and the Technical Seminar to help our clients better understand pumps and use them in a safe and convenient fashion. Based on our advanced technology and extensive topical knowledge, which we have accumulated as a global pump manufacturer, we are committed to the improvement of our clients’ technical competencies through customized training by industry and purpose from the pumps for oil, gas, and power plants to the commercial and industrial pumps.

Pump Academy

Through training provided at our manufacturing plant clients are able to learn through theory and practice by touring the production sites and testing centers

Able to select courses with a wide range of curriculum and adjust the level of difficulty by negotiation with the
education manager prior to beginning the course

Theory and practice-based education encompassing a visit to the production site and testing center

A certificate of completion issued when each course is completed

Technical Seminar

Technical staff members visit clients in person and hold a seminar to take care of any concerns they have regarding the usage of the pumps.

Customized technical seminars include education from a basic understanding of pumps and their auxiliary components to specific troubleshooting case studies

These efforts help our clients’ staff members develop a better understanding of the pumps before the beginning of the project.

This gives our clients the opportunity to utilize a global pump maker’s advanced technical knowledge and expertise, such as for the selection of optimal pumps, as well as stable pump operation tips.

Pump basics
  • Basic knowledge
    and applications
    of pumps
  • Pump structure
    and features by
  • Basic
  • Pump testing
    and inspection
  • Pump maintenance
    and troubleshooting
Pump intensive courses

Programs customized according to students’ characteristics, industry, and level of difficulty