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A New Change Begins


HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS keeps moving forward
towards a clean environment and healthy future.

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS considers environment-friendly management, safety, and public health to be its top priorities for fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and realizing the management philosophy of ‘satisfying clients and interested parties’ through respect for people and environmental preservation. We also comply with the following environment, safety, and health policies to prevent environmental pollution and build a clean and healthy workplace while achieving the target of zero accidents through labor-management cooperation.

Environment, Safety, and Health Policies
  1. Improvement of global competitiveness

    Management and employees minimize environmental pollution through efficient use of energy and resources, and voluntarily take part in health promotion activities through the establishment of a safe and clean workplace.

  2. Leader in world-class eco-friendly products through complete risk management

    We minimize risks through the establishment of environmental and safety goals, specific targets, and continued education improvement after assessing environmental impacts throughout processes from product design to use and disposal, and performing safety & risk assessment and musculoskeletal examination.

  3. Settlement of global standard-level EHS management system

    Management and employees and partners shall improve the EHS management system to a world-class level through continued education and competent development, and assessing management performance from a long-term perspective.

  4. Fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities through compliance with environmental and safety- related laws and regulations

    We strictly observe Korean and international environmental and safety-related laws and regulations, maintain a cooperative relationship with local communities, and fulfill environmental conservation and social contributions.

  5. Zero-accident workplace

    We remove unsafe factors from the workplace through labor-management cooperation and build safe working environments to protect workers from risks at work.

Safety & Health Activities
Worker’s safety
  1. Build a safe and
    happy workplace
  2. Part of the GWP
  3. Discover and
    remove unsafe
    situations and
  4. Autonomous
    safety & health
  5. Achieve
    a zero-accident