HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS produces pumps for many purposes such as oil & gas plants,
thermal & combined thermal plants, desalination plants, water conveyance plants, and building & general industrial plants.

A New Change Begins


A high level of reliability is critical in oil & gas plant pumps. With full series of API610, HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has satisfied the diverse requirements of clients from around the world.

Specifically, we have provided core refinery plant pumps (high-pressure reactor feed pumps, high-temperature bottom pumps), cryogenic pumps used in ethylene plants and those designed for fertilizer plants (high-pressure carbamate pumps, ammonia pumps).

We have provided optimized pumps which meet the technical requirements of our clients around the globe including ExxonMobil, Aramco, KNPC, Gazprom, and Shell. We have actively expanded our business to satisfy our global clients (e.g., Russia, the Middle East, USA, Asia, etc.) as well as Korean clients. With a one-stop process which handles all aspects from order placing to design, production and after-sales services, we provide high-quality solutions.


  • Onshore platform
  • Offshore platform
  • Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO)
  • Oil pipelines
  • Other services

Features and Benefits

Protection of material erosion and corrosion by high-salinity (150,000 ppm) seawater and axial vibration minimization technology for high-speed rotation are crucial for water injection high-speed / high-pressure pumps for offshore and onshore uses that meet the standards of API610.

Because HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has a research database of corrosion properties of materials for each environment and retains Rotordynamics Analysis Technology that reflects the flow characteristics inside the pump during pump operation, we reflect these contents when we design the product.

Crude oil transfer pumps are installed in remote areas where water is scarce, so it is essential to test the performance (Complete Unit Test) by installing all applications (inverter systems, switch gears, air coolers, etc.) together, as well as pumps during shop tests.

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS holds a wide range of products that are applied to diverse fields through its accumulated experiences and expertise.


  • Crude Distillation Units (CDU), Vacuum distillation Units (VDU)
  • Fluid Catalytic cracking units (FCC) / Residue fluid
  • Atmospheric Residue (AR), Desulfurization (ARDS)
  • Vacuum Residue Desulfurization (VRDS)
  • Catalytic, Cracking Unit (RFCC), Heavy Oil Upgrading (HOU)
  • Hydrotreating, Delayed Coker Units, Other services

Features and Benefits

High-temperature, high-speed, and high-pressure multistage pumps such as HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS's Reactor Feed Pump and Bottom Pump are technically sophisticated core pumps used in refinery plants, so they are designed with consideration of the following

1) Pump’s thermal expansion and evaluation of thermal deformation impact by high temperature
2) Ensuring vibration stability and fatigue life time of the ultra-fast rotor system
3) Heat-blocking with bearings and mechanical seals and cooling design

In order to verify the performance and soundness of HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS products, factory testing is possible – simulated as the same environment (high temperature / high pressure / high speed) as the actual conditions, and we continuously collect performance, vibration, and temperature databases obtained from factories and on-site locations to expand the base technology. Additionally, we have different pump models, including Between Bearing, Overhung, and Vertically Suspended, which are required for various services.


  • Gas to liquids(GTL)/Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)
  • Olefin Conversion Units(OCU)
  • Naphtha / Ethane Cracking Center (NCC/ECC)
  • Polymer Production Units (PE, PP, PDH)
  • Fertilizer
  • Other services

Features and Benefits

Pumps that transport cryogenic liquids such as ethane and methane apply buffer zones to prevent leakage from mechanical seals.

Moreover, it is important to ensure operational soundness for components that decrease in size, such as bearings and sleeves, in extreme conditions of low temperature. HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has conducted tests using N2 (-196°C) with a pump, the same size as the actual product for plants, ensuring buffer zone design, soundness from bearing shrinkage, and cool-down process technology.

In addition, our application technology and accumulated on-site experiences enable us to provide relevant technical services to our customers.


  • Gas to liquids(GTL)/Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)
  • Olefin Conversion Units(OCU)
  • Naphtha / Ethane Cracking Center (NCC/ECC)
  • Polymer Production Units (PE, PP, PDH)
  • Fertilizer
  • Other services

Features and Benefits

HP Carbamate pumps for fertilizer plants transport synthesized liquids of ammonia (NH3) and CO2 (carbon dioxide), where the liquid can be vaporized by reacting very sensitively to temperature and is highly corrosive, so the super-high-speed shaft structure and low-vibration design technology are critical, in consideration with the corrosion resistance of materials.

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS' Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine (HPRT) is a product that can reduce the energy (power) of HP pumps, and it is applied with technology such as a Clutch, which enables adjustment of performance control and power transfer to meet customer specifications with a structure that reverses centrifugal pumps.

HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS has actual experience in shop testing by installing three HP pumps and one HPRT at the same time as the actual plant environment to verify the entire system, and retains various pump models used in petrochemical plants.

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  5. knpc
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